The UrbanLab center is equipped with a Soil Laboratory in order to help the agricultural sector in the Divjaka area and in the Region of Fier.

Why is a soil analysis laboratory necessary for the entire Region of Fier?

The physical-mechanical composition and above all the chemical composition of the soil, undergoes constant changes as a result of the shifting of the equilibrium for chemical elements caused by:

  • Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers
  • Lack of organic fertilizers
  • Atmospheric influences, etc

Without knowing the chemical composition of the soil, farmers are unable to determine the nutrient needs of the soil based on their respective crops, thus producing fertilizers not studied and consequently not only the soil structure will be destroyed, but the investments will be wasted and the land will not be used to obtain the maximum of its possibility of production.


Physico-mechanical and chemical analyzes of the soil, chemical and bacteriological analyzes of water can be performed in the laboratory:

(clay, silt, sand)

(clay, silt, sand)
• pH
• Konduktiviteti elektrik
• Karbonatet
• Kalciumi aktiv
• Masa organike
• Kapaciteti i këmbimit kationik
• Azoti total
• Fosfori
• Kaliumi (potasi)
• Kalciumi
• Magnezi
• Natriumi
• Mikroelementet (Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn,B)


• Nitrites, nitrates
• Ammonia
• E.Coli
• Coliforms
• Streptococci
• Microbial load

Based on the results of the analysis, it is possible to determine the real needs for “food” of the soil.

Furthermore, based on the needs of the crop to be planted, it is possible to make accurate recommendations regarding the quantity per kg / ha of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other elements that the soil needs.

Among other things, Urban Lab Divjakë offers a specially qualified person to take samples from the soil.